Work-related Health: Core Areas regarding Knowledge and Competence Enviromentally friendly Health Management

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The ALSO nurse, particularly in people organizations, such as SME’s, who may well not have a designated enviromentally friendly health manager, can advise the business on simple measures to cut the usage of natural resources, minimize the particular production of waste, promote re-cycling and be sure that environmental health management is put on every organizations goal. The OH nurse also can find appropriate specialists inside their locations to advice or handle environmental health management. The occupational health nurse may give by taking these issues forward inside the absence of other experts.

Adviser to management and also staff on issues linked to workplace health management.

OH nurses involved inside workplace health management can be asked to act since advisers to management and staff around the development of workplace well being policies and practices, and will fulfill an advisory role by playing, such as, health and also safety committee meetings, well being promotion meetings, and could be called upon to offer independent advice to managers or workers that have specific concerns over health-related risks.

As a liaison to be able to other external health or perhaps social agencies.

OH nurses act in a advisory role when seeing people who may have problems that, whilst circuitously related to work may well affect future work presence or performance. The nurse may be concerned in advising people to check with their own family doctor or general practitioner, or other external agency that could be better placed to aid anyone.

Health educator & Well being Promotor.

Health education as one of the key prerequisites of office health promotion is integral part of the OH nurses’ function. In some countries the nurse must support activities for adoption with the healthy lifestyles within on-going well being promotion process, as well as indulge in health and safety routines. OH nurses can perform a needs assessment for health promotion inside company, prioritize activities inside consultation with management and also workers, develop and program right interventions, deliverer co-ordinate the shipping and delivery of health promotion strategies and will play a valuable function in evaluating the delivery and achievements with the health promotion strategy.


In the small or perhaps medium-sized company the occupational health nurse will be the only health care professional present usually and they can aid people working there when controling mental health and work-related anxiety. For many people the particular occupational health nurse, working on the company level, may be the first point of experience of health care providers and also these nurses can do much to ensure that people are referred for the right agency.

Health Wants Assessor

A specialist OH nurse should be well skilled inside undertaking a nurse-based well being needs assessment at the individual and the organizational stage. This type of assessment can be utilized as the basis regarding individual case management or perhaps occupational health program organizing. OH nurses may utilize research based skills in performing the assessment, in handling the info generated in the examination and in interpreting the outcome and advising management acting being a member of the multidisciplinary staff.

Evidence Based Practitioner

Increasingly all medical care providers are using evidence based way of practice that requires the professional to get the best available information on which to base their particular practice. Occupational health nurse practitioners are skilled in seeking the literature, reviewing the data available, which may be by means of practice guidelines or practices, and applying these guidance documents in the practical situation.

Occupational health nurses needs to be well skilled in presenting the data, identifying gaps in existing knowledge, and allowing others to review critically the implementation of care plans according to their assessment of the data.


The most widely used and accepted kind of investigation into occupational connected ill-health and disease is founded on large-scale epidemiological studies. Occupational health nurses should become familiar with the particular principles and basic methods found in epidemiology.

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