Must Review the Definition regarding Health by WHO inside the Light of Research inside the Parapsychology Field

October 22, 2019 0 Comments

The existing definition of health simply by World Health Organization contains physical, mental and sociable dimensions of health. But even a cursory go through the current state of the entire world reveals that social well being is conspicuous by the absence. There is severe unrest in virtually every country.

Crime rate is increasing in virtually every country. There is regular increase in alcohol mistreatment, drug abuse, human trafficking, youngster abuse (physical, emotional and sexual), terrorism, uncontrolled corruption and breakdown regarding families. Not a evening passes without reports regarding murder and rape.

All the advances inside science and technology never have helped people to enjoy reassurance and happiness. The reason could be the neglect of spiritual advancement. Today’s average man will be running without knowing where he could be going.

Leading psychiatrists while wanting to manage problems like nervousness, depression and phobias have got realized that man is not only a combination of body and mind but has a soul at the same time which survives the death with the body. Specialists in other fields have realized that man features a spiritual dimension as properly. Many reputed scientists including a couple of Nobel Prize winners are of the opinion about the existence regarding soul. Hence there can be a need to redefine health and include the spiritual dimensions of health.

We still have no idea the exact cause of several diseases. Extensive research in the field of past life regression has revealed that numerous health related problems have their roots inside our previous lives. Reincarnation just isn’t a myth but an undeniable fact. Searching for reincarnation study or reincarnation proof will yield a long list of results.

Mere redefinition of health on it’s own will not solve every one of the problems. But if a great number of understand the cosmic legislation of cause and effect and recognize that their actions get back to them they will certainly make an effort to reform themselves. When leading doctors atlanta divorce attorneys country start organizing classes, radio talks and Shows about the scientific evidence for your existence of soul and reincarnation people will surely take interest in this issue. People will begin to understand that the goal of human life is to cultivate spiritually and realize our own true nature.

WHO should encourage every member country to just accept the new definition of health including the spiritual dimension and also modify the medical schooling accordingly. Doctors have to play a significant role in helping visitors to enjoy sound health. To carry out this effectively doctors must first have comprehensive comprehension of health.

Physical health cannot be maintained without caring for psychological health and psychological health can not be protected without tackling non secular ignorance. Needless to say psychological disturbances cause social problems.

Modern medicine is a huge predominantly disease centered and also treatment oriented system. There exists a need to change this process and give primary value to prevention of condition and maintenance of well being.

It is also desirable to combine modern medicine with Ayurveda so that you can promote holistic health. Ayurveda which can be at least five thousand yrs . old gave the most extensive definition of health including physical, psychological and non secular dimensions of health.

Ideally everyone needs to have some social responsibility. Doctors perhaps should own it to a greater extent as they are responsible for health. We are afflicted with what happens in our own society. No one may be safe in his residence if his neighbor’s house is unstoppable.

Humanity has paid much price for neglecting non secular development. Another equally significant threat to world peacefulness is religious fundamentalism. By promoting scientific spirituality we could counter both the threats and set up a new world order according to Truth, Right conduct, Peacefulness, Love and Non-violence.

I request every one of the like minded people to guide an online petition requesting the entire world Health Organization to review this is of health and are the spiritual dimension. This could be the link-

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