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The concept of Well being is somewhat difficult to know. When we say you were healthy, it means for the lay man that anyone is normally doing his activities and will not outwardly show any indications of any disease inside him. However, for the particular medical man it indicates the conformity to specific standards like physical proportions, biochemical norms and costs, physiological standards, etc. Also these standards vary together with race, rest, exercise, foods, habits, starvation, climate, altitude, latitude, and so forth. It has been really difficult for scientists focused on human biology to lay down definite criteria for health and define the term Health in the specific manner.

From the history regarding medicine we know that there were various systems of treatments or healing arts evolved in various areas of the world during diverse civilizations. But in simply no system has there recently been a clear-cut definition regarding health.

In the oxford dictionary health means hawaii of being free coming from sickness, injury or condition, bodily conditions; something suggesting good bodily condition. A couple of decades ago this meaning was conveyed inside the definition of health but recently the entire world Health Organization have considered it required to give a direction on the achievement of a powerful and happy and lively bodily and mental condition able to continuous productive ability and also, therefore, have defined health as follows:

“Health is a express of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. ” (WHO—1948) it’ll be seen that even right after having this definition it’ll be difficult to conceptualise and also standardise positive health together with specific clear-cut attributes and also criteria for measurement. Someone may be enjoying emotional equanimity and enthusiasm regarding doing anything. He are often physically able to do any level of work, but he may become having some minor dysfunction or deficiency or possibly a mild infection causing a really minor disturbance which however will not upset his normal routines.

For example, Hyper pigmentation around the skin or lack of pigmentation around the skin; angular stomatitis as a result of B complex deficiency; a ring-worm patch around the skin, etc. In these conditions strictly speaking anyone cannot be called ‘health’ but also for outward purpose he will be healthy and he is likewise fully active. Similarly, under the mental component you can find ever so many stresses and strains an individual is exposed to and depending on his own mental make-up he is either capable of overcome the strain or is suffering from worry and depression. If in spite of his worry the guy can function normally others usually takes him to be healthful, whereas the worry may well normally be making your pet mentally unsound.

Social well-being is quite definitely related to the mental adjustment with the individual to others around him inside the family or in the neighborhood. Sometimes it may so happen a person may find it were required to adjust with his group and may even, therefore, be under any mental strain. But he may be doing his work normally where others would judge him being healthy. It is as long as he reaches a break-point and behaves either in the withdrawn manner or will become aggressive that his mental condition can be manifest to be noticed and experienced by other folks.

We have, therefore, to know that the term health just isn’t an abstract thing but a member of family concept. In it we view a continuum of freedom from sickness to raised health and positive well being. When we say positive health we reference a condition when the body has sufficient arrange nutrition and resistant factors to stop the invasion of our bodies by any micro-organism or from the deprivation of any health factors causing a deficit pathology and, therefore, totally free from disease.

Disease can be a little less difficult to be able to define than Health. It denotes the healthiness of the human body where something has gone wrong and contains upset the Norman functions with the body including the brain. As in health gleam continuum from a predisposition or perhaps premonition of illness which may or is probably not experienced or noticed even from the individual concerned, to a definite problem of illness manifested by signs and impairment of physique functions.

This continuum may more extend from mild disease to severe sickness and also death or recovery from sickness returning to a debilitated condition and later with a normal condition.

As has been pointed out in the last paragraphs the normally regarding health of person may well shift towards positive health with regards to the improvement of health simply by wholesome food, wholesome h2o proper living conditions, appropriate work atmosphere, good private hygiene, etc., or the deterioration of health as a result of faulty or inadequate foods, infection through food, h2o or air, skin or as a result of external injuries, accident and so forth.

For maintenance of health the following things are necessary:

1. Adequate quantities regarding proper nutrition
2. Adequate quantities of safe normal water
3. Proper shelter together with adequate ventilation and lights
4. Proper clothing
5. Appropriate work, exercise and sleep and recreation
6. Proper social conditions to get a harmonious existence and perform
7. Proper security from anxiety about any kind
8. Appropriate sexual behavior
9. Private hygiene
10. Provision and using health services.

Disease can be due to say more than one of the following brings about:

1. Genetic traits
a couple of. Congenital deformity or malformation
3. Cancer malignancy
4. Malnutrition
5. Toxic compounds

The above are the particular direct causes.

The science of epidemiology uses various methods and ways to explore, investigate, identify and establish explanation for disease as against maintenance of health inside the individual, in the community and in the geographical area. Modern epidemiology has uncovered a multiple causation theory for a lot of the diseases. The direct or immediate causes could be congenital, traumatic, infection or cancerous growth, etc. But besides these kinds of direct causes, many indirect and predisposing causes are already described,

For example, tuberculosis is due to the tubercule bacilli, referred to as myco bacterium tuberculosis, here is the direct cause. The other causes which predispose someone to the infection by tubercule bacillus could be overcrowding, poor nutrition, negative ventilation, heavy work, tiredness, etc. It may be appreciated why these causes are socio-economic brings about. The economic factors arising away from poor means of income, inadequate food, etc., may also be inter-related with human and also social factors like bad means of living, customs, habits, thinking, superstitions, etc. Taking one more example, malnutrition may be as a result of either lack of option of nutritious food in adequate quantities or a bad practices of preparation of food where nutrients may be lost. The economic factors will be the cause for non-accessibility as well as the social factors may trigger wastage of nutrition even with the food stuffs are available or to the contrary over eating and dependence on alcohol, etc., causing metabolic problem. In the rural countryside we have plenty of locally available food resources nevertheless the habits may be in a way that the people have no idea what can be ingested and how, for deriving diet.

The human and social factors have become predominant determinants in virtually any society or community. In affluent countries lots of the metabolic diseases like weight problems, heart diseases, diseases as a result of air pollution, etc., are around the increase due to sociable customs. In the poor countries the large numbers of communicable diseases and nutritional deficiencies are as a result of poor sanitation, poor hygiene and low and faulty diet plan. These are again subsequently due to economic and also social factors.

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